Temple Of The Tooth
Temple Of The Tooth

It’s a place where few among even the most traveled adventurers have had the opportunity to experience this shrine and piece of history. Maybe it’s because of the temples remote location and maybe for some other reason, but this majestic shrine remains largely unknown to most of the outside world. Regardless of it’s popularity with the outside work, the Temple of the Tooth, or Sri Dalada Maligawa, remains to be a well known shrine to Buddhists worldwide.

From a historical standpoint, the Temple of the Tooth is said to house a single tooth from the Buddha. Legend has it that the tooth was taken from the Buddha as he laid on his funeral pyre prior to cremation. The tooth was then smuggled away and moved several times throughout the years, only to eventually end up in the Temple of the Tooth. The significance of the tooth and the Temple of the Tooth make it the focal point of the Esala Perhera, a yearly Buddhist festival celebrating the presence of the sacred tooth.

What to See

The Temple of the Tooth is Located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The city of Kandy is considered to be the gateway to the cultural attractions in the central kills. From the exterior, the Temple of the Tooth is not particularly impressive or ornate in appearance. In fact, many visitors are shocked upon entering the temple as the interior is extremely ornate with carved woods, ivory and lacquer. A two-story shrine inside the temple houses the relic of the tooth, which since 1990, is never removed. Additional statues and elephant tusks decorate the inside of the temple as well.

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The Sri Dalada Museum is a relatively recent addition to the shrine and contains a variety of artifacts. The first artifacts that you?ll see are the historical records from the time that the tooth was brought to Sri Lanka. Additional artifacts include items such as jewelry, flags, pottery and more that are used in yearly celebrations.

Today, Sri Lanka remains a relaxed and environmentally pristine country which offers ecological, spiritual and historical. Regardless of your tastes, Sri Lanka provides unique travel opportunities for the more adventurous travel seeking not only a vacation, but a truly life-changing experience.


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